My love for you is hidden away in places that nobody can touch.

Lawyers, bankers, doctors, and left wing bohemians will spend their whole life searching for lips as rare and fragile as yours; for hands, so vulnerable, that they may teach — a brute like myself — all the intricacies of a woman’s heart.

But tonight, the room echoes with memories of loud love and careless smiles. I step outside, to go over the different phases of the moon — as you taught me, and I hear your voice in the dark waters of the sky.

You fill the silence.

You fit in what’s missing.

There’s a place for you in my soul that cannot be destroy and nothing can be done about it. They can riot. They can scream. They can bring the whole damn Roman army and three nuclear bombs. It won’t matter.

My love for you will be waiting in a distant star, where we’ll meet again in different form, and continue our endless journey as soulmates.

my love for you - j.b.
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Do not try to make her fall for you, but love her with all your heart. For if her love to you does not come naturally, if you try to create it, it is not true; and as harsh as it sounds, you are then undeserving of it. Conversations #104 (via jamesandrewcrosby)

Real talk

The same people that you start your journey off with are NOT necessarily the same people that you’ll end it with, so be prepared, and continue to grow no matter what happens Born Free #therealbornfree  (via therealbornfree)

Real talk!!


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I’m the jealous type . You wanna know why? Because we started off as “just friends” too Frank Ocean (via theparkerthompson)


Wake up motivated! Not everybody made it, so don’t take it for granted.

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Life is too precious to waste it with the wrong person. You’re better off alone until the right one comes along. Tony Gaskins (via hqlines)
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